Sonuma - Audiovisual archives

2009, the most important Belgian public radio and television station entrusted the totality of its audiovisual archives to the SONUMA. In order to guarantee the longevity and diffusion of this exceptional legacy, the SONUMA will henceforth undertake its conservation, preservation, digitization and marketing.

The emergence of new medias, the need for net integration, and a commitment to an ever broader audience... so many aspects requiring a proactive and personalized approach to ensure that images, photos, programmes and other materials remain available and are seen.

With expert departmental support, our commercial activity has firm legal backing: contracts framed by authors’ groupings, the appropriate sales agreements, accompanying partnership conventions… the indispensable procedures that protect the author while also insisting on works’ traceability.

Organized around 5 hubs of competence, the Sonuma can guarantee, thanks to its close inter-team collaboration, the rapid, autonomous and efficient handling of your projects: materials are identified, described, indexed, encoded and digitalized according to a complex process that insures the greatest visibility and quickest access long term.

A sizeable job and a rewarding one: the duty to transmit the past and share materials that may not have reached the audience they deserve; an occasion for these imprints of our history to be exhumed and pass from the shadows to the light.

Many projects are still in the planning stage and in the digitalization process. In the meantime, we are ready to accompany you in your deliberations and propose concrete solutions to all your questions about the conservation, digitalization, enhancement and broadcast of your audiovisual archives.


In their 80 years of existence, the INR - RTB - RTBF have produced thousands of hours of radio and television programs. These audiovisual archives, living testimony to the key events of our time, are so many imprints of our cultural identity and collective memory.